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Call for Techies: Promote Your Business at the National Capital Region (NCR) Techies Meetup - Held on February 24, 2014, 7 pm (CET). The NCR Techies Meetup is for you if you want to promote your business in the industry related to technology. New Zealand 2018 Semester One (A Level) AQA National Standards xtra time xtra time. Free Download Full Movies Hd 720p, Hi resolution, High Quality. IPTV List of Channel Software List of Channels TV Software. The Evolution of Networked Education; A Report on the First. Year Of ISTE and ISTE Leadership Team. Lamborghini 2015 Version. International Business. . .Q: Fast video stream in ios I am making an ios app that streams video to a computer. I want to keep the video size small (smaller than 100 MB). What I want is to keep video quality high and upload this video to the user's computer in real time, but I also need to cut the uploading time. I have already found apple's sample code that does this, but it uploads the video in 10 KB chunks. I want to upload the video in real time and only create 10 KB (or smaller) videos. Is there a way to do this in iOS? I know I can use ffmpeg to create a video, and I am working on implementing ffmpeg. I also know that if I use a video file that I created (outside of iOS), this video size should be around 16 MB. A: You can use the MPMoviePlayerViewController and the MPSMTPMPFramework in iOS 6 for this purpose. Both Apple's MPMoviePlayerViewController and the MPSMTPMPFramework are available in iOS 5 as well. They take advantage of the new H.264 hardware accelerated video decoding that is included in iOS 6. You can use the AVAssetWriterInput's videoInput property to create a separate movie writer, so you can write the chunks of video one by one as they come in. If you need a more detailed code example, see the two resources above. Post your Work.. This is a discussion on Post your Work.. within the Windows Programming forums, part of the Platform Programming Boards category; Hi everybody.. This is my first post in the forum, i am not a regular poster, just ac619d1d87

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